5 Renovations You Should NOT Do Before Selling A Home

Most homeowners believe that doing renovations before selling a home will help increase its value. So if they have the money, they will plan and implement some home renovation projects thinking they will get the money they spent back – and more – after they have sold the house.

There are renovation projects that are important. These are not for the purpose of increasing the value of the home. They are completed to ensure the home is in the best condition when sold. On the other hand, not all home renovation projects are necessary.

Selling a homeBelow is a list of renovations that you shouldn’t do before selling a home as it does nothing to increase the sale value.

  • Adding a swimming pool – Although a swimming pool is indeed an attractive addition to any house, it will not make buyers come running to you to buy your house. Keep in mind that many buyers are not buying a house just to spend a lot of time maintaining a swimming pool. This is especially not a good idea if you are targeting families with young children. They will definitely not consider buying your house when they see the newly built pool because it is a safety hazard for their young children and pets.
  • Converting a room – Now this is not such a bad idea, especially if you have lots of rooms in the house that are not being used. Instead of having several guest rooms that are eating dust, convert that guest room into a different type of room. You can consider turning it into a library or an office or a wine cellar. This becomes a bad idea if you start embedding bookshelves and refrigerators on the walls and completely customizing the room to fit the specific purpose you want it to serve. This is a risk and may actually decrease your chances of selling a home because not all potential buyers will like that room conversion. And seeing how much you customized the room, they will realize it will be difficult for them to convert it back to a bed room.
  • Laying down carpet – According to professional industries, homebuyers today are more inclined to buy houses that have hardwood flooring. The primary reason for this is because hardwood flooring is much easier to clean and more suitable for families with members who have allergies.

Think about the renovation project you want to implement before you sell your home. Keep in mind that not all renovations are necessary and will increase the value of your home. In fact, some renovations may actually cause you to lose money and buyers.

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