A Buyer’s Market Demands Aggressive Selling Strategies

Myrtle Beach RealtorsIs it possible to sell your home in an extremely competitive market? The Real Estate Agents at JP Real Estate Experts say “Yes!” However, you as the home seller must be willing to take action and help your realtor attract the right buyer. You have probably noticed “for sale” signs springing up all over the Myrtle Beach area and it is not simply a matter of hiring a realtor who simply puts a sign in the front yard, enters your information in the multiple listing services and then sits and waits for a buyer to find you.

Today is a buyer’s market and it is essential that you as the seller be more aware of the actions that need to take place prior to putting your home on the market. In some cases it may be the wiser choice to keep your home off the market until your home is prepared for sale. There is an old saying that says “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” A potential buyer may not come back after you have added that fresh coat of paint. So the question is, “How do you prepare your home for a competitive market?” Here are some pointers for local Myrtle Beach Realtors that list the essential steps to list your home and get it noticed and sold.

The Right Myrtle Beach Realtors

You don’t want to rush into choosing the first realtor you meet or use a Myrtle Beach Realtors just because they are a friend or you know them from a networking group. The market is too competitive to make the mistake of hiring the wrong Myrtle Beach Realtors. Take the time to interview more than one agent in order to select the agent that best fits your circumstances. You will want to begin with some basic questions (click here to download a form that will give you some ideas.) A few of the things you should find out are:

  • Do they have a marketing system?
  • Are they listed on the internet?
  • Can they provide you with a list of references?
  • Most important – how will they communicate with you during the process?

You are looking for Myrtle Beach Realtors that truly understand the marketplace in your area. You want a Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent that is not concerned with simply appeasing you by listing your home at a price that will not sell but is interested in working with you to get to a fair price. An agent that understands what it takes to sell your house in today’s market. In other words, you want a straight-talking Myrtle Beach Realtors that will be fair and honest but with whom you can also build rapport and communicates with you. If you have this in an agent, you have the key to success.

Repairing Your Home Before Listing With Myrtle Beach Realtors

Now is the time to really take a look at your home and prepare it for sale. You may want to hire a home inspector to do a “pre-inspection” of your house. This inspection will help to identify any problems or defects that will show up later when the final inspection is completed before going to closing and possibly delaying or canceling the closing. You want a potential buyer to come back more than once to view your home. By addressing any defects and having them corrected, you are increasing the chances of a “second look.” As an added bonus to prospective buyers, you can leave a copy of the pre-inspection report out while they are viewing the house and it can also be added to the multiple listing services. This gives buyers peace of mind knowing there are no unseen defects. Be sure and let our Myrtle Beach Realtors know that you had a pre-inspection and give them a copy of the report.

Remember the little things. It’s not just about whether or not the air conditioning works or if there are cracks in the foundation. A potential buyer will notice a broken light switch, doors that squeak, a toilet that runs. This may seem trivial, but these are things that through up a red flag to the buyer that indicates a deeper problem. You will want to hire a handyman to go through your home and fix any defects. Your Myrtle Beach Realtors will also make recommendations on things you can do to make your home more appealing.

Check Curb Appeal

Take a good look at your landscaping, entry way and outside lighting. These are all keys to selling your home in a buyer’s market. You would be surprised at the impact something as simple as your front door has on someone who is seeing your home for the first time. You may think this is trivial but in todays market the buyer rules. It is amazing the impact of a few flowers and a fresh coat of paint on your door can have.

Your goal is to have the buyer come back for another look because they were welcomed by the first impression your home made on them. This can make the difference between Myrtle Beach Realtors “For Sale” Sign and a “Sold” Sign in your front yard. Myrtle Beach Realtors will post pictures of our home in several areas on the internet, added to flyers and printed in real estate publications. Simple things like trimmed shrubbery, a neat entrance and potted plants can make the difference to a buyer browsing the internet. A photo is not forgiving and will show up the flaws in your curb appeal. You can’t cover-up peeling paint or dead shrubs with a great description.

Staging Your Home Before Listing With Myrtle Beach Realtors

I know that you are emotionally attached to the many photos that are scattered throughout your home but you need to look at our home from a buyer’s point of view. You may love your colorfully painted walls but not everyone cares for a multi-colored house. You may have your kids rooms perfectly decorated in their favorite animated character, but not everyone has kids. Think about investing in a neutral tone paint to cover up the multiple colors. A recent study by HGTV showed that painting your home has a 300% return on your investment.

You may also need to consider rearranging furniture and getting rid of or storing unnecessary pieces of furniture to give the room a more open feeling. Pack away knick-knacks, personal photos and kid’s creations. You may consider hiring a professional stager to help you clear the clutter. Your Myrtle Beach Realtors can give you a recommendation. These experts are specially trained in seeing your home through the eyes of a buyer. This will help you to take yourself and your attachment to your décor out of the equation.

In today’s buyers market that is saturated with home inventory it is important that you as a seller take a proactive approach to selling your home. Once your home is ready for sale, contact two or three Myrtle Beach Realtors and sit down for an interview. If you have taken the time to prepare your home for sale, the agent can market your home in a way that guarantees success.
Our Myrtle Beach Realtors are here to serve you the home seller. We will be honest with you and make sure the lines of communication are always open. Here is what one of our clients has to say:

“We had our condo previously listed for over a year with another agent. Jerry had our condo sold in 35 days! Wow what an incredible job!”

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