Five Key Areas To Keep A Close Eye On When Buying A Home

Myrtle Beach Home buyerBuying a home is indeed a truly exciting milestone in an individual’s life. It marks independence and signifies becoming more responsible in life. This is most especially true if you were able to buy your dream home.

To ensure the process goes through successfully, here are five key areas you need to keep a close eye on when buying a home.

  • The deed

You need to make sure every detail in the deed is correct and current. It should match the previous deeds particularly in specifying property lines and property owners, if you are buying a portion of a bigger property. For best results, search local records from the county and parish where the property you are buying is located. You need to confirm these details and resolve any discrepancies between previous and current records before the closing date.

  • The Roof

Roof repairs and renovations are considered the most important and critical home repairs. The primary reason for this is because when a roof is damaged or when it’s due for a replacement, you cannot postpone it. You need to proceed with roof repairs and/or replacement when they are due to prevent more severe and more costly problems.

With that said, it will do you good to inspect the roof before sealing the deal. What you’re looking for when inspecting the roof are water stains and any signs of mold growth. Another thing you need to look at with regard to the roof is the overall condition of the roof depending on when it was last replaced. This will help you determine whether or not it is practical for you to make the purchase because who would consider buying a home with a roof that isn’t efficient? Plus, you most probably wouldn’t have money left for further repairs and replacement after paying the closing fees. So you need to include roof repairs and/or replacement in the sale agreement and work out a resolution that is fair and reasonable to both you and the seller.

  • The plumbing system

Like the roof, you would also need to inspect the plumbing system. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the main sections of the plumbing system so you won’t have to schedule a visit from the local plumber for assistance when experiencing problems in the kitchen sink or bathroom drain.

You also want to have the pipes inspected to determine whether or not they are in good working condition. If not, include their repair or replacement as part of your terms in the sale agreement. It would be best if you could convince the seller to have the pipes repaired or resolved before turning the property over to you. If not, you can always offer a lower price for the house, explaining you already deducted the costs for the plumbing repairs. Be sure you are ready with a valid estimate from the local plumber when making a counter offer.

  • The wiring and electrical system

The wiring and electrical system is considered a major safety factor for the house, the entire property, and your family’s safety as well. Check if all the switch and outlets work. Make sure all lighting fixtures are in proper working conditions and that there are no signs of malfunction. Have all the wiring inspected to ensure they meet current standards.

  • The home’s foundation

Make sure the home’s foundation is showing zero signs of buckling and unevenness. This is most especially true if you are buying an older house that has not yet undergone any major renovation. Keep in mind that a poor or weak foundation will quickly affect the support and beams of your home, making the house highly vulnerable to collapsing even at the slightest sign of wear and tear.

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