Home Sellers Often Hurt Their Chances

Myrtle Beach homeSunday’s Sun News had a great article with some great tips for selling your home.  The JP Real Estate Experts thought they were worth recapping on our blog. This is the time of year when buying activity traditionally starts.  If people have children in school, they want to make the move over the summer before school starts in the fall.

If you are trying to sell your Myrtle Beach home there are steps you can make to make your Myrtle Beach home attractive to a potential buyer.  Without taking these necessary precautions, you are wasting your time and the time of your Myrtle Beach Real Estate agent.

5 Must Do’s for Myrtle Beach Home Seller

#1 – Remove clutter and smell – we have mentioned this one in our previous articles.  A potential Myrtle Beach home buyer needs to be able to envision themselves living you the Myrtle Beach home. When the seller leaves personal photos, mementos and other items scattered throughout the house, it is hard for a potential buyer to imagine making the Myrtle Beach home their very one.  Rent a storage unit and remove all personal items from your home.  This will also help you to become less sentimental about the home which will make it easier when it comes time to go to closing.

Pet odors are a huge deterrent to selling your Myrtle Beach home. Also, cigar or cigarette smoke.  Many buyers will walk out immediately if they smell any strange odor.  Consider having your home professionally cleaned prior to listing it for sale.  If necessary, have the carpets cleaned to remove odors.  Often we are used to the smell of our homes and don’t notice the smell if it is subtle.  Have a friend come into your home and tell you if they smell anything when they first enter the house.

#2 Misleading or false advertising – make sure that you and your Myrtle Beach real estate agent are honest and upfront with any listing information.  A room cannot be categorized as a bedroom unless it has a window and a closet.  If there are repairs that need to be done and you don’t have the funds to do the requirement maintenance, be upfront in disclosing this information.  In most instances the potential Myrtle Beach home buyer will have the home inspected and these repairs will come to light and could cause the closing to fall through.  It is better to be up front with any needed maintenance on your Myrtle Beach home.

#3 Are you committed to selling your Myrtle Beach home?  Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agents work harder today than ever to get your home sold.  If you are just testing the waters and are not serious about selling your home, then now is not the time to list your home.  Never take a bid on your Myrtle Beach home personally. In today’s real estate market many buyers are low bidding just to see if the seller is serious.

Always make sure that you home is ready to be seen.  It is the obligation of your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent to let you know when your home is being shown, but it should be ready to be seen at a moment’s notice. In the Myrtle Beach area many potential buyers are from out of state and only have a short period of time to view several listings. You don’t want to miss out because your home was not ready to be seen.

#4 Overpricing your Myrtle Beach home – We all think that our home is worth more than what we can reasonably expect to receive in a sale.  If your home is listed too high, you will not generate any interest. Your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent will have information about similar homes in your area which will give you a good starting point.  If your Myrtle Beach home is at or near market price, it stands a high probably of being sold.

#5 Staying in your Myrtle Beach home during the showing – This will only agitate a potential buyer.  A buyer wants to have the freedom to view the home at their leisure. They don’t need your narrative on why the home is a great buy.  You don’t want to come across as anxious or in a hurry to sell your home, this will definitely hurt negotiations on the price.  Visit the neighbor, go out for a cup of coffee, anything to stay away from your home during the showing.  Your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent will keep you informed of any feedback from a potential buyer.

If you are ready to list your Myrtle Beach home, give us a call.  We can help you make sure that your home looks its best to a potential buyer.

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