Don’t Be Fooled By 3 Real Estate Myths

To avoid wasting time, money, and effort, it is highly advised that first time home buyers and sellers seek professional assistance from Myrtle Beach real estate agents. Most first time buyers and sellers often instantly believe in every piece of real estate information that comes their way. But not all of them are true.

Working with a real estate agent, you as a first time buyer or seller wouldn’t as easily fall into believing such myths. Hence, you will be able to sell your house or buy your first home more efficiently and in a shorter span of time.

Some of the common myths are uncovered below by top Myrtle Beach real estate agents.

Sell during spring

Most homebuyers used to start house hunting during spring to give time for their children to adjust and prepare before school starts. Today, however, this no longer applies because there are now more single individuals looking to a buy a home than married couples with children. Hence, you don’t always have to start selling during spring.

According to professional Myrtle Beach real estate agents, the best time to buy is in November, December, and January. These are the specific months when most buyers look for properties. Even during the holiday seasons, serious buyers continue to look for that perfect new home.

Start with the lowest offer when selling a home

You can start selling your home with the lowest offer especially if there is currently a tight competition. On the other hand, this would only get you nowhere in the current real estate market. Not only will you lose money in the process, you will also most likely tarnish your reputation in the market. It is indeed challenging to determine the right amount to offer for a house that you are selling. This is why working with a real estate agent is the best option for you if you want to sell that house fast.

Go for the cash offer

Although it is quite tempting to go for the cash offer, it also has its own drawbacks. If you think there are fewer risks in a cash offer as compared to a financing offer, you should think again. When buyers get the impression that you’ll go for the cash offer, they will offer exactly that and knowing you’ll instantly grab their offer, they would make an offer that is slightly lower than your asking price.

Keep in mind that it’s not always a matter of receiving instant cash. The choice actually lies on which offer has the less risks and which offer will you be more financially secured.

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