How To Sell Your Myrtle Beach Home For Top Dollar in 30 Days or Less

Myrtle Beach HomeHave you finally landed that dream job but you need to sell your Myrtle Beach home and relocate your family? Are you tired of making high mortgage payments and want to downsize to a condo? Have you found that perfect retirement community but now you need to sell your home in the north? Fortunately there is a proven way to maximize the price you receive for your home and sell it quickly.

No you can’t control interest rates or the inventory of homes on the market or any other economic issue that affects the market there are variables that are within your control. Some of these variables we have covered in previous posts but we thought it would be a good idea to review them all in one post. These items will have a direct effect on how quickly you can sell your Myrtle Beach home and for how much. These variables will influence how a potential buyer perceives your home and will help to guarantee a sale for the highest price in the least amount of time.

There are several key variables that directly contribute to the desired outcome for the sale of your Myrtle Beach home. Your ultimate goal is to increase the perceived value of your home in the current market. Think of it this way, if there are 60 homes on the market in your price range and if 12 homes are selling each month on average, you have a 20% chance of your home selling in the next 30 days. Your ultimate objective is to position your home to be one of those 12 homes.

Factors That Affect The Sale Of Your Myrtle Beach Home

Condition. You will need to walk through your house one room at a time and make a thorough list of items that need to be addressed. Are the carpets in need of cleaning? Or replaced? As you go through each room ask yourself what could be done to make the room look it’s very best. As you make your list you need to analyze if the repair will bring a positive return on your investment. Remember that your goal is to sell your Myrtle Beach home for the highest possible amount but you don’t want to spend more than you can expect to get back in the final sale.

Lifestyle upgrades. Is there anything you could do to make your Myrtle Beach home dramatically stand out from the other 60 homes that are listed in your price range? Could you upgrade the light fixtures? Would decorative concrete in the Carolina room make it really appealing? Is there anything you could add that is not in other homes in your price range and still get a good return on your investment? Are you in an area that is attractive to retirees? If so, you may want to add rails in the bathroom area.

Staging. This is the concept of adding décor to your home that would normally be found in homes in a higher price range. Your goal with staging is to tell a story as the potential buyer moves from room to room. You are portraying a lifestyle that is appealing and desirable.

Presentation. Take a close look at your home through the eyes of the buyer. We have talked about this in other posts. Start at the curb and walk toward your home like a buyer. Engage your senses. What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you see? You want to stir up positive emotion in the buyer.

Pre-inspection. You always want to be in a position to negotiate from knowledge. Share the results with a potential buyer to give them peace of mind about your home. This will prevent them from making a low offer for fear there are unknown repairs.

Home warranty. This will give the buyer comfort knowing that if there are any major repairs in the next 12 months they will be covered. You will be surprised at how affordable Myrtle Beach home warranty insurance can be especially if you have taken the precaution of having a pre-inspection.

Pre-appraisal. This is the best way to determine the selling price before you put your home on the market. Display the appraisal where potential buyers can see it when they are touring your home. This will assure them that you have done your homework and have priced your home reasonably.

A real estate expert – don’t just hire any agent. Look for an agent who has a system and has a proven record of handling all the variables that go into the sale of a home in your price range.

Following these recommendations will increase the perceived value of your home and help to make it stand out from the many other homes on the market. Remember you want to be number 1 in those 12 homes that can sell this month.

JP Real Estate Experts pride themselves in knowing the market and what you can do to sell your home quickly. Call us today for a free market analysis of your Myrtle Beach home.

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