Selling A Home? Ensure Multiple Offers Quickly And Easily

Myrtle Beach Home SoldIf you are selling a home, you want to sell it fast, especially if you will be using the money to buy another home in the city where you are moving to. To do this, you need to ensure you get multiple offers on your home.

Getting multiple offers on your home is not as simple as selling it when the local real estate industry is doing well. Even though there may be a lot of buzz in your area’s real estate and lots of potential home buyers are checking out houses in your neighborhood, this doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll get multiple offers.

There are only three things you need to keep in mind to get multiple offers when selling a home: great location, the right price, and an irresistible presentation.

Great location

This is probably the most important aspect of a home that gets a lot of offers. At most times, it is the location that prompts the home buyer to make an offer on the home. It is also often the reason for purchasing a home. They want to be near their place of work or near their children’s schools. For retirees, the key is being near local attractions such as golf or the ocean.

According to real estate professionals, most home buyers look at the location of a home before checking out the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the overall style and size of the house.

This is probably why homes for sale are located far from schools, business centers, freeways, public transit and even those not locate on a busy street, don’t get a lot of activity in the real estate market. These homes will very often be ignored by home buyers. If your house sits in a similar location, you can still get multiple offers on it by having the right price and presenting it to potential home buyers in a way that they can see them selves living comfortably and happily in your house.

The right price

Selling a home quickly and choosing the most appropriate buyer of the house greatly depends on its listing price. As mentioned earlier, if the house is not at a convenient location, you will need to work with your agent to make the right listing price for your home – one that is reasonable for both you and the buyer.

Ensure the listing price complements the home’s value. Keep in mind that a cheap and affordable house doesn’t guarantee getting a lot of offers. There is no specific price that can be considered right for the home’s value, the seller, and the buyer.

The only rule is to make your listing price attractive to entice home buyers to come and check out your house and determine whether or not it’ll be a smart buy. If you want to decrease the listing price to attract more buyers, make sure it won’t degrade the home’s value.

An Irresistible Presentation

If your potential home buyers are still left undecided after seeing the listing price and the location, having them tour the house will probably make their decision, especially if the house has not only been cleaned up but presented in a way that will make it difficult for the buyers not to see themselves living in your home, drinking coffee on the patio or lounging around the living area.

If a potential home buyer comes to your house and feels they own the house and sees themselves and their family living in the house, then you probably have won their interests. They might be making their offer in the next couple of hours.

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