The First Step In Selling A Home: De-Clutter

prepare home for saleMany individuals think that selling at home is as easy as listing the home for sale and waiting for a potential buyer to call and inquire about the house. There are lots of things involved other than listing the property. And, like with all things that are being sold, a home should be shiny and sparkly to attract more potential buyers.

This is why many real estate professionals consider decluttering as the first step in selling a home. Here are some tips to help you achieve a shiny and sparkly finish for your home.

Look for places where clutter easily collects

Where does clutter easily accumulate? You’ll notice that through time, clutter can accumulate on your shelves, drawers, counter tops, and closets. Although few buyers look at these areas when they view a home, some still do so it helps if you go through your drawers, shelves, counter tops and closets and declutter them. Remove the things that shouldn’t be placed there. Get rid of those you would no longer be using. Organize what should stay in your drawers and shelves. Make them look presentable, neat, and clean.

Don’t forget the kitchen

Some say the kitchen is a good place to start decluttering. This is probably because this is one area of a house where buyers often look inside cabinets and drawers. So you really need to ensure potential buyers will see how much space is available in your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

To do this, you will have to remove everything on your kitchen counter, cabinets, and drawers. Sort out through all your things and divide them into things that you will still be using, things you’ll use later, and things you no longer need. Organize the things that you will be using while in the process of selling a home on your kitchen counter, cabinets, and drawers. Make sure potential buyers will be able to see through the available space in these storage areas.

Store the things that you will be using later in a box and put that in the garage or your storage room. For the things that you no longer need, you can opt to donate them to charity.

The key to decluttering your kitchen is to show as much empty space as possible to allow the potential buyers to imagine whether or not their stuff will fit into your kitchen. They must see that there are plentiful storage areas in your kitchen for all their supplies, tools, and appliances.

You can create open spaces by getting rid of all the junk in your junk drawer and turning it into a useful space for kitchen tools. You can opt to show potential buyers how you use and organize your kitchen storage areas by organizing and cleaning these areas.

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