What types of repairs are done before selling a home?

Myrtle Beach Selling a HomeSelling a home is truly a difficult process. If you are a homeowner considering selling your home, you need to be prepared to spend money, especially on repairs, renovations, and possibly improvements as well. In fact, according to recent reports, handyman services and home-improvement projects increase in the six-month period that a home is offered for sale. Among these repairs and improvements are improvements to flooring, fences, doors, and cabinets, particularly those that will be easily noticed by prospective buyers.

Some of the most common repairs that homebuyers implement before selling a home include:

  • Minor repairs by handyman services – including upgrading fixtures throughout the house.
  • Larger improvements by general contractors – like installing granite countertops
  • Electrical upgrades and repairs

Despite the repairs and improvements by the sellers, buyers also do their own share of improvements such as replacing a water heater, updating the plumbing system, and performing sewer repairs. Generally, these repairs are more directed towards improving the home’s efficiency while repairs done before selling a home are more for the goal of improving the appearance and value of the home.

Many reports have proven that repairs and improvements, even the most minor and least expensive, help increase the likelihood of selling a house that has been listed on the market for a number of months and/or years. What’s more is that the home’s value has greatly increased as well from the first time it was listed and after the repairs were made.

Some of the inexpensive repairs you can consider

If you want to sell your home quickly and for more money, consider these cheap repairs:

  • Make the kitchen look clean and modern by upgrading the faucets, cabinet doors, and lighting. Keep in mind that the kitchen is considered by many as the heart of a home. This is proven by the majority of buyers who check the kitchen first before any other part of the home.
  • Give the bathroom a makeover by installing a new toilet seat and a pedestal sink. You can also add little trinkets to add splashes of color and make the room more comfortable. Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is what most homeowners check out when they first view a home for sale.
  • Increase your storage space and make it more organized to further attract potential buyers. There are lots of affordable closet systems and organizers made of wire and laminate that you can easily install in your closets.
  • Have your carpet cleaned especially the ones you use in the living room. A clean carpet makes the house look cleaner and you don’t even have to buy a new carpet. All you have to do is hire professional carpet cleaning services, which is really not that expensive.

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