Which Agent Should You Consider When Buying A Home?

real estate agentThere are two types of agents whom you can work with when buying a home – a real estate agent and a listing agent. These two will surely assist you in purchasing your first home. But, of course they work on different tactics and often have different goals in working with you.

In this article, we’ll discuss the difference of working with a real estate agent and a listing agent to help you decide who to hire when buying a home.

What is a real estate agent and a listing agent?

A real estate agent works independently and does not endorse any neighborhood, property, or real estate company. They only have one goal in mind, to help you buy or sell a home. Because, that’s basically how they are going to make money. As a result, these professionals are more likely to focus on your well being and seriously consider your needs in buying a home.

A listing agent often works with a realty company. Their primary goal is to sell a house or any property that is under the realty company’s possession. Sometimes, to make a large profit, they will push you in buying the most expensive house in the neighborhood. And because they are working for a specific realty company, it is less likely that they will suggest you toward a different neighborhood or property.

Property knowledge and connections

Both agents have utmost property knowledge and connections. On the other hand, because one is an independent agent and the other is not, they use their knowledge and connections quite differently.

A real estate agent uses his property knowledge and connections to provide you with possible homes and properties that you can consider buying. These homes are based on your needs and how the agent is able to understand what exactly you are looking for in a home. The agent will use his or her connections to be able to help you buy the house that you want in the most reasonable price and in the shortest time possible.

A listing agent, on the other hand, may use his or her knowledge and connections in encouraging you to buy the property he or she is selling. But if you really do not want to buy the properties he or she is selling, the listing agent may refer you to another agent who can help you.


If you do not have a specific home to buy yet, working with a real estate agent is the way to go. But if you have already decided on buying a specific home or property, a listing agent will help you get that property in the best possible price.

Both agents work differently and for different purposes. Who you will work with will depend on the property that you want to buy.

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